Mapperarti provides luxury hotels with the highest quality traditional and digital publications to an agreed specification. The publication will feature your property branding exclusively on the front cover and is designed to reflect the hotel’s exclusive style.

Each publication includes content promoting your hotel facilities and highlighting your unique features using imagery and beautiful composition, all in line with your hotel brand guidelines. Thus helping your guests to become better acquainted with all of the key facilities of the property.

Mapperarti will work with your hotels marketing department for the design of the Map and DigiMapp™ (“Mapp™”). The map itself can include specific locations and each map is tailored made to meet the hotels individual needs. The publication will not be sent to print until everything has been agreed with your property and everyone is entirely satisfied. Mapperarti supplies and distributes all its products free of charge to your hotel.

All we require to complete your publication is a list of advertisers/sponsors you would like to see appear on the publication (preferred sponsor list), a list of advertisers/businesses you would prohibit (veto list), a letter of introduction from your senior management and a number of complimentary room nights (subject to availability) per year.