Matt Longworth

Global COO
Matt has spent his entire working career in sales and particularly advertising. Matt built and sold his first advertising business, MediVision (TV screens in Doctors surgeries) when he was 28 and quickly moved into telecoms, building and selling TML Telecom to Daisy Communications PLC, their first ever acquisition (now having acquired over 50 further businesses). He then moved into loyalty cards, providing exclusive local discounts to clients such as the 4 major regional newspaper groups in the UK. In 2010 Matt acquired a struggling UK based advertising business, WRT Group and grew the weekly sales from $200,000 to over $450,000 which he then sold in 2013. Most relevant, in 2012 Matt acquired Guest Services bespoke map company and integrated it into the group that he sold in 2013. For 2 years, Matt was Mapperarti’s direct competitor. Since 2013, Matt was under restrictive covenants so spent the last 2 years building a direct sales team for Daisy Communications PLC, the UK’s second most dominant telecoms business, the sales team which now provides over £1m of contracted sales a month to Daisy.