What We Offer


Mapperarti provides a publication designed specifically for your hotel, introducing guests to the best features your property has to offer and showcasing key businesses and attractions in the surrounding area.

Mapperarti provides you with the highest quality bespoke publications that showcase your hotel and are entirely self funded, allowing them to be supplied free of charge. Throughout the publication Mapperarti will exclusively feature your property on the front cover and four full sized panels, which highlights your best most acclaimed features using imagery and text to align your hotel brand with the overall aesthetics of the publication. Mapperarti will design your Mapp™ and DigiMapp™ according to your specific desired areas with the goal of helping your guests to become better acquainted with all of the key facilities your property and local area has to offer.

Mapperarti prides ourselves in selecting the best mix of advertisers for each publication to ensure that the featured partners closely match your guest demographics. Mapperarti allows you the right to veto any specific advertisers, along with the opportunity to provide preferred vendors to be featured on your publication. Once all featured partners and your completed publication have been approved, Mapperarti will provide an annual print run in accordance to your requirements.

Recreational Map

Mapperarti offer a stylized range of recreational Mapps™ including running, biking, hiking and dog walking trail Mapps™ to satisfy the most active of guests. Each of these have been specifically designed to be informational and functional on the move and can be utilized as a stand alone piece or incorporated as a vital value added tool to your branded publication.

Property Map

Mapperarti can create a stylized property Mapp™ designed with your direction and provides a new and fresh tool to elevate overall guest communication and satisfaction. This will introduce your guests to the best facilities your hotel has to offer while ensuring ease of navigation around the property. The property Mapp™ can be utilized as a stand alone piece or incorporated as a vital value added tool to your branded Mapp™.

“We are always on the forefront of trends and this seemed like something new to put to the test, we are very pleased that we did.”

-Bill Walshe, CEO
Viceroy Hotel Group