DigiMapps are interactive mobile destination guides that serve hotels, hotel guests and local businesses.

Every DigiMapp is individually designed for each unique hotel property and its guests. Web-hosted, and highly responsive, DigiMapps™ are accessible via any web browsing device simply by opening a web link. DigiMapps™ provide an interactive platform for hotels to showcase their unique facilities and amenities, with GPS functionality to assist guests such as ‘Take Me Here’, ‘Get Directions’ and ‘Contact Concierge’.

DigiMapps™ are designed to be distributed to guests prior to their arrival at a hotel, to facilitate their research and itinerary planning. This maximizes exposure for local brands and businesses participating on the platform and prompts guests to book services and make reservations in advance of their visit.

DigiMapps™ is part of the Connecting-Luxury Group and sits alongside Mapperarti as the digital partner to its printed Mapp publications.

How It Works

How It Works

A “mobile concierge” that provides detailed information about the facilities and services offered by the hotel.


The “Take Me Here” function allows users to quickly navigate to local business and places of interest with the touch of a button.

DigiMapp™ is highly responsive and can be updated frequently with changes made live within minutes.


Links can be used to provide guests with more information about hotel amenities, activities and events. Guests are able to contact concierge, dial local services, and explore what the hotel and local area have to offer directly from the DigiMapp™

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