What We Offer


Placing your advertisement on Mapperarti’s publication opens the door to a wealth of benefits propelling your brand into a World of exclusivity and luxury. Mapperarti’s carefully selected sponsors have the opportunity to align their business with some of the World’s leading venues.

Mapperarti’s Map, DigiMapp™, Local Area and Hotel Guide (“Mapp™”) offers unprecedented reader exposure, with a guaranteed view of your advertising with every single use. Once more, the portability of Mapperarti’s Mapp™ means high proportions of them leave the room and will be used multiple times with the same guaranteed exposure for every single use. The high reader exposure and multiple view opportunities clearly sets Mapperarti’s publication apart from other in-room publications with their inherently low portability and non-guaranteed view of advertising.

All Mapperarti’s Mapps™ are supplied to the hotel electronically and in many instances are embedded into hotel communications with guests prior to their arrival, promoting your brand from the moment a reservation is made.

Custom Artwork

We offer advertisers the opportunity to showcase custom artwork on each publication they are featured.

Brand Awareness

We connect the world’s foremost luxury brands with the affluent guests staying in the top hotels around the world while using our bespoke publications.

“I have been amazed at the brand awareness Mapperarti has generated for me in such a short space of time.”

-Guy Hepner